Journeys to the Land of Fantasy

Fascinating landscapes with a wild, otherworldly beauty – and places are the embodiment of the fantasy world of cult series Game of Thrones. These destinations offer extreme adventures and sing their very own songs of fire and ice.

North of the Wall

Gigantic glaciers, bizarre rock formations and vast plains: Iceland, the biggest volcanic island in the world, offers enchanting panoramas that are simply off the scale in terms of beauty and remoteness. The producers of Game of Thrones found everything they were looking for here and thanks to locations like Thingvellir National Park were able to make the land north of the Wall come to life.

For example: Costa Cruises “Icelandic Legends” 17 June 2020; MSC “Around Iceland” 4 June 2021; nicko cruises “Iceland to Iceland” 30 September 2020; TUI Cruises “Norway with Spitsbergen and Iceland” 8 June 2020; AIDA “Nordic Islands with Iceland” 17 June 2020.

The Kingdom of the North

North-eastern Greenland is the place to go to admire the Arctic in all its icy majesty.  Eighty per cent of the polar island is covered with a thick layer of ice all year round. In snow-free summers a rich flora of cotton grass meadows with colourful wild flowers flourishes along the coasts. This riot of colour lasts only a short while, as the dancing Northern Lights soon unmistakeably indicate that Winter is Coming…

For example: nicko cruises “Under the Northern Lights” 19 September 2020.

Winter is coming

The Antarctic is a glittering, awe-inspiring world. It seems almost improbable that any living creature could actually survive here in this cold kingdom where everything seems to have been blasted by the breath of an ice dragon. But look closer and in between the majestic ice formations and glaciers you’ll also spot penguins, seals, whales and all manner of seabirds. An unforgettable experience in a pristine landscape.

For example: Hapag Lloyd “From Ushuaia to Ushuaia” with Hanseatic Nature, 23 February 2021.

Land of Fire and Ice

The Kamchatka peninsula, part of the Pacific Ring of Fire and formerly a military zone, remains a deeply mysterious region. The gigantic volcanic complex Tolbachik stands guard over endless expanses of primeval forests, hot springs and geysers. And when the bears and the wild salmon have settled down for the night, who’s to say that Daenerys’ dragons don’t spread their wings under cover of darkness…

For example: Hanseatic Nature “From Anchorage to Kanazawa”, 12 September 2020.

The Stormlands

The rugged countryside of Northern Ireland with its wind-whipped coasts is a dream location that inspired the producers of Game of Thrones. For instance, the Winterfell scenes at Castle Ward were filmed here, also known in real life as Larrybane Park in the province of Ulster. And the parts of Ireland that weren’t used in the series are equally romantic and enchanted, like the Giant’s Causeway, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

For example: AIDA “Great Britain and Ireland” 16 May 2020, or Costa Cruises “Northern Europe from Bremerhaven” 12 September 2020.

Fantasy Island

Anyone stepping on to the MSC private island Ocean Cay in the Bahamas would be forgiven for believing that they had just woken up in a dream. The 38.5-hectare island has over three and a half kilometres of beaches, crystal clear water and a colourful underwater world that is a paradise for scuba divers and snorkelers. The island has its own lagoon, a lighthouse and even a wedding pavilion to make all dreams come true. A miniature paradise where happy ends are guaranteed.

For example, MSC “Caribbean and Antilles” 16 May 2020.

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