The WORLD VOYAGER will arrive in the port on Saturday, 9 September at 8 am and will be moored at the Hamburg Cruise Center Baakenhöft during the day before departing at 6 pm and getting into position to take part in the Grand Hamburg Cruise Days Parade at 9 pm. Following the parade, the WORLD VOYAGER will sail out of the port.

The expedition ship WORLD VOYAGER takes you off on once-in-a-lifetime experiences all over the world. With a maximum of 200 passengers, the ship offers an exceptional standard of individual luxury. At only 120 metres in length, it can take passengers to small ports and towns that are inaccessible for other cruise ships. Look forward to seeing breath-taking places in a completely new light: individual, authentic and at fascinatingly close quarters. Designed especially for polar and ice travel, the WOLRD VOYAGER navigates safely through the polar regions around the Arctic. On board a Zodiac – a small, motorised inflatable boat – you can marvel at these landscapes close up and immerse yourself in otherworldly panoramas. Adventure or gourmet pleasure and wellness? On board the WORLD VOYAGER – built in 2020 – you can have both. Enjoy unostentatious luxury and, after you return from your expeditions, revive yourself with 5-course dinners featuring choice culinary delights or relax on the pool deck and in the wellness area as you soak up the spectacular views.

Terminal: Hamburg Cruise Center Baakenhöft

Cruise Line: Mystic Cruises
Operator: nicko cruises
Christened: 2020
Tonnage: 9,934 GRT
Length: 126 metres
Width: 19 metres
Speed: max. 16 knots
Cabins: 200
Decks: 8
Passengers: 200
Crew: approx. 109